Thursday, December 3, 2015

We are adopting again!!

My husband Addison and I adopted two boys with Down syndrome from China just 4.5 short months ago. We have felt the calling to adopt a little girl also but Addison was hesitant to begin the whole process all over again. I could not get rid of the nagging feeling that we were meant to adopt another child with Down syndrome and I continued to pray daily about it. I would pour over all the girls listed in the waiting child pages, on Reece's Rainbow, or on FB and tried to "see" our daughter. None felt like ours. (meaning I did not fall in love with any one face) Finally Addison came to me and told me that YES we could move forward to adopt a daughter. At first he wasn't so sure about another child with Down syndrome but in my heart I felt that is where God was once again leading us. Sure enough, one day Addison sent me a message telling me that we should adopt a daughter with Down syndrome. I was over the moon happy!! It wasn't long after that when I saw the little face of a child I felt was to be our daughter. So I'm happy to say we are in process to adopt a little 7ish month old girl, with Down syndrome, from Eastern Europe! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                          ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL!!?!?

Before we get the "Why do you want to do this again?"  or the "Why another child with Down syndrome?" or the dreaded "Why not a child from the US?", let me share some information with you that was shared by a fellow adoptive mama who is also adopting a child with DS from the same country Addilyn is in.  Her waiting child, Noah is the same age as Addilyn (Callie is her advocacy name). Here is what she shared.....

From a family that previously adopted a 12 month old and a 10 month old from Noah's (and Addilyn's) country....

 "When we met our 10 month old boy we learned that he had NEVER been held. Never in 10 months ! He had temperature of 104 the day we met him and the doctor told us it was ok because he had down syndrome, they refused to give him meds or treat him because he had down syndrome. His feet were green with fungus growing on them. The orphanage drugged him to keep him sedated so they didn't have to deal with him. His diaper was changed once a day while he laid in his crib and his two bottles he got per day were propped up on his chest with a towel underneath because the nipple was as large as a pencil eraser and most of it went on the towel, what he could choke down, was what he got. 

Our 12 month old girl was in an orphanage where they did not drug the kids but instead if it was nap time and you made any noise at all you were slapped so you would learn not to make noise . That was life for these children. Living in fear from such a young age. "

THIS ^^^ is our Why just as it is for many other families who choose to adopt a child with special needs from Eastern European countries (as well as many other countries outside of the US).  What is comes down to is we have a heart for those with special needs and we feel a deep calling to adopt another child with Down syndrome. Children with special needs in other countries are not valued at all.  They typically get transferred to adult mental institutions by their 4th birthday! I don't even want to think about what might happen to these children once they are transferred.  I've seen the pictures of many and it's not good.  Some or most do not make it more than a year after transfer. Many of those children that do survive "age out" of the system and never know the love of a family.  The thought of that just breaks my heart and while we completely understand that we cannot save all of them, we know that we CAN save one more from that fate. 

This is one reason we KNOW God is leading us to do this.

We certainly can't do this without Him and we can't do it without you all being the hands and feet of Jesus.

We hope that you will come along side us and support us through prayer in this journey. 

If you feel led to make a donation to help us financially, please visit our YouCaring page HERE.

Blessings to you!